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where the lines meet


    where the lines meet

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Artist:Cyrus Tilton


    Artist:Cyrus Tilton
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  5. the divine is full of monsters;

    incandescent giants who lick their gold teeth,
    whose mouths are full of crumbling cities, who breathe
    death and fire and revelation and madness while
    diamonds crack like splinters of bone between their gums

    their whims are carved in stone, sand, pillars of salt
    their feathers sticky with luminescent blood, their fingers
    thunderous with creation, lightning in their eyes
    that crackles and hisses from every direction of the sky

    the divine is not static and humane; the divine does not play nice.

    they will eat everything you are.

    they will leave you reformed in a roar of light, peel away layers of you like birth
    and with a saint’s conviction you will know that nothing feels more like luxury,
    better to be blinded by brilliance than close your eyes to awe-

    for your lips are always being kissed.

    your mouth is champagne roses. you will eat lotuses. your lungs are perfumed and
    your bones will blossom into stars. your blood is wine and you are clothed in light;

    your skin threshed wheatlike until the gold of you shines.

    natasza stark, “anchorite” (via alchemy)
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    Voider Sun | Tumblr

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Trey Ratcliff - Scenes From Burning Man


    Trey Ratcliff - Scenes From Burning Man

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